Are you looking for a fertility clinic in Alicante? Fertility Benidorm is here to help you and fulfill your dream of starting a family. With a highly qualified professional team and extensive experience in the field of assisted reproduction, we will help you with everything you need.

We believe that each patient needs and deserves a unique and specialized treatment, that is why we study all cases thoroughly and give the best of ourselves. That is what makes us different.

Providing the best possible medical care is a priority for us and for this we use all our cutting-edge tools and medical advances. What makes us the best is our great experience, flexibility, empathy and above all communication. We believe that proper and proper communication between the doctor and the patient is essential so that everything goes as it should.


In addition, we have a patient assistance person who is responsible for ensuring both the physical and mental well-being of the patient. He is the person you trust, he is there to answer any type of doubt and organize appointments.

We have a large number of treatments and techniques to achieve pregnancy. One of the techniques that we present is the ultra-fast freezing of the ovules for their conservation to be used later.

Who is this treatment suitable for? for those women who want to delay their motherhood since, from the age of 35, the woman’s fertility rate is falling and it is not possible to get pregnant with her own eggs.

Cancer patients because in many cases the treatments produce sterility in women of childbearing age. Another group are women with some early ovarian failure causing pathologies that hinder fertility.

Before starting with any type of technique, a preliminary study is carried out to know the ovarian reserve and its general state of health. Once done, ovarian stimulation and puncture are produced in order to be vitrified.

For more information about the clinic, treatments, techniques … do not hesitate to ask us. On our website you will find a section on questions.

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