Fertility Benidorm is an assisted reproduction clinic in Alicante that aims to fulfill your dream of starting a family. Thanks to its team full of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, we will make it possible.

We are specialists in fertility treatments and assisted reproduction in an environment of trust where we defend that we have to have good communication with the patient so that everything goes as it should.

We believe that the reason for our success is our great medical care, we combine technological modernities with the warmth of our professionals. For us it is essential that our patients feel heard, cared for and accompanied at all times.

Each patient has her needs, that is why we develop individualized treatments by our medical team. We adjust the needs and desires of our patients in addition, we have a patient assistance person who focuses on ensuring the well-being of the patient.

As we have pointed out previously, we defend doctor-patient communication because that way between the two parties we can decide what is best.


Our treatments and techniques are characterized by being the most modern in assisted reproduction clinics.

One of our most current techniques is Assisted Hatching. What does it consist of? The goal is to improve embryo implantation. It is carried out by making a hole in the zona pellucida of the embryo to facilitate its exit and implantation.

This technique is only for embryos that have unusual morphological characteristics that make implantation difficult.

Another of our techniques is MACS and it is aimed at men. Thanks to it, sperm that are damaged can be removed. These low quality sperm negatively affect pregnancy, as it is one of the most common causes of infertility in men.

Thanks to MACS we make sure to select the ideal and highest quality sperm to achieve pregnancy. It is intended for men with severe infertility whose semen quality is low as there is a lot of DNA fragmentation.

For more information, questions … on our website you will find a questionnaire where you can ask us whatever you want. We promise to answer as soon as possible. We are an assisted reproduction clinic in Alicante that puts the well-being of the patient and correct communication first.

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