Fertility is a fertility clinic in Alicante. We have the best professionals and the most advanced treatments and techniques for you to fulfill your dream of starting a family. In addition, we have psychological help for the couple because we know how difficult the emotional process of being parents can be.

People who resort to assisted reproductive treatments feel very overwhelmed by the many feelings they face, and they are also increased by the use of drugs that accompany the treatment.

Specialists have shown that the anxiety generated by reproductive dysfunction is comparable to that seen in patients with cancer, chronic pain or in cardiovascular rehabilitation.

The stress caused by these treatments has been shown to have a different perception in men and women. Women show a higher degree of vulnerability than men, since they experience infertility problems in a more intense way, in addition to the fact that they are usually the ones who undergo treatment in the first person.


For all this, Fetility Benidorm has psychological help so that patients feel free to share their concerns. We help reduce distress levels and also make some decisions with you.

We explain in detail, to future parents, all the positive and negative aspects of the treatments and techniques. We believe that patients have to feel at home with us, because an environment of trust is the best for everything to go well.

We also have acupuncture that has benefits for both our physical and psychological health. Helps regulate hormone levels and stimulates blood flow.

This technique, along with fertility treatments, can increase the chances of getting pregnant, this is because it regulates hormonal levels and stimulates blood flow to the reproductive organs.

On a psychological level, it helps reduce the stress and anxiety that assisted reproduction treatments can cause.

What does it consist of? in the application of needles in specific areas of the body that helps to eliminate accumulations of energy and connect the whole body. Some of these areas are the feet, wrists, legs …

We have a team of professionals that cares about the mental health of their patients and who can help with any questions that may arise, if you want to know more and contact us, do not hesitate to enter our assisted reproduction clinic.

If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Alicante that cares not only about the physical health of the patients, but also about the psychological, Fertility Benidorm is the right one.

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