Fertility Benidorm is made up of a highly qualified team with extensive experience in the field of assisted reproduction. Our passion for our work, in which we are used to studying different cases of infertility and sterility, undoubtedly makes us different.

We are an international Assisted Reproduction clinic, located in an idyllic environment, equipped with cutting-edge technology where you will receive a full dedication. It is our priority to offer the best possible medical care, taking advantage of all the medical advances that are within our reach in a personalized way.

It is essential that our patients feel heard, cared for and accompanied at all times.

We firmly believe that the keys to success in our treatments lie in our experience, flexibility, empathy and excellent communication. Our goal is not only that our patients fulfill their dream of being parents, but that the path to that pregnancy is remembered.

At Fertility Benidorm, Assisted Reproduction Clinic, we have the latest treatments to help fulfill the dream of starting a family. Thus, we carry out, among others: Egg Donation, In Vitro Fertilization, Clothing Method, Embryo Adoption, Fertility Preservation, Egg Vitrification, Semen Freezing, Artificial Insemination, Directed Intercourse and Testicle Biopsy (TESA / MESE).

If you have any questions about our work, equipment or any of our treatments, get in touch with us. Request an Appointment.

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