At Fertility Benidorm, a fertility clinic in Alicante, we have the best treatments, techniques and professionals so that the dream of starting a family is closer every day.

We have a large team of assisted reproduction professionals who will focus on giving you the best and helping you and advising you on what treatment and technique is best for you and your situation.

It is our mission to provide you with the best possible medical care, taking advantage of all the technological and medical advances within our reach but in a unique and personified way for each and every patient.

It is essential for us that our clients feel at home, listened to and cared for at all times.


One of our treatments is Artificial Insemination, it is a simple technique but with very good results.

It consists of depositing the sperm previously selected in the laboratory in the uterus. This treatment has two variants: IAC and IAD, the big difference is that one is with semen from the spouse (IAC) and the other from a donor (IAD)

IAC is performed when the partner’s semen is good but there is some type of fertility problem with the woman or the man. Both treatments have the same five phases:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Insemination
  • Preparation of semen, partner or donor
  • Fertilization and progesterone treatment the previous days
  • Pregnancy test, at 14 days

IAD is carried out with donor sperm in cases of male infertility, transmission of hereditary diseases … Therefore, it is a good treatment for infertile marriages, same-sex couples and single mothers.

In Spain, the donor is completely anonymous and neither party (patient and donor) can know the identity of the other.

At Fertility Benidorm, a fertility clinic in Alicante, we want to make your dream of starting a family come true. In addition, our clinic is located near the beach, it is a fantastic environment for relaxation and calm during treatment.

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