If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Benidorm, at Fertility Benidorm we open our doors to you. We are a clinic specialized in assisted reproduction that will give you the best service so that you feel at home. Our mission is that you fulfill your dream of starting a family.

We have the best team of professionals who will give you all their experience and professionalism so that you feel at home. We always want to offer the best possible medical care, taking advantage of all the advances in medicine that are within our reach in a personalized way.

We are one of the best fertility clinics in Benidorm for our commitment to the patient and in everything we do, our experience, flexibility, empathy and excellent communication. We defend direct and continuous communication with all our patients because then everything will go as it should.

Hence, we develop an individualized treatment with our full dedication. Each patient is unique and has their own needs and that is why before each treatment we make a plan to know which is the best to follow.

In addition, you will have the support of a person from our team so that you can communicate all your doubts and concerns throughout the treatment.


We know that undergoing fertility treatment or technique can cause stress and anxiety. At Fertility Benidorm we also care about your mental health.

Our clinic is located a few meters from the coast, which serves as relaxation since taking walks along the seashore helps to calm down immensely. Another of our services is acupuncture.

Applied together with fertility treatments, it can increase the chances of getting pregnant, since it regulates hormonal levels and stimulates the blood flow of the reproductive organs, favoring the implantation of the embryo.

This technique is good on a psychological level and is highly recommended to reduce the stress and anxiety that infertility can generate.

At Fertility Benidorm we want to give you the best possible service so that you feel at home. If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Benidorm, Fertility Benidorm is for you. Contact with us.

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