At Fertility Benidorm, an assisted reproduction clinic, we are specialists in In Vitro Fertilization. In addition, we want you to feel at home with us.

We have a great team of professionals who will help and guide you in everything you need. We know that each patient is unique and has their own needs, therefore, before performing any treatment or technique, we develop an exam in order to determine a step-by-step plan.

A professional from the clinic will be assigned especially for you to solve all your doubts and concerns, in addition, they will help you when booking an appointment for the next consultation. At Fertility Benidorm you don’t have to worry about anything.


To begin with, there are two types of fertilization. On the one hand, In Vitro (IVF) and on the other hand by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Both are laboratory techniques that allow fertilization of an egg with a sperm outside the uterus.

If you don’t know which of the two is better for you, don’t worry, we will help you understand how they work and which of the two is better for you.

The first step is ovarian stimulation. With it we will achieve a growth and development of the follicles found in the ovary. Thanks to this, we get a greater number of eggs.

The next phase is Oocyte Uptake. Once the size of the follicles is correct, the collection is scheduled, which lasts about 15 minutes.

Sperm Training is the phase in which we prepare the semen sample and treat it to improve the possibility of fertilization. This process includes changes in their membranes and is necessary for them to be able to fuse with the oocyte.

Fertilization occurs within the laboratory. The inseminated eggs will remain in incubators, designed for it and where the optimal temperature, oxygen and CO2 conditions exist for embryo culture. At 16-18 hours post insemination, we will check the ovules that have been fertilized, which will already be pre-embryos of day 1 of development.

After having spent several days in the incubator, the embryos are evaluated daily so that, when they are transferred, we can distinguish the best quality ones.

It is of great importance since the success of the treatment is significantly compromised with the embryonic quality. Finally, they are transferred to the uterus.

If you have any questions about In Vitro Fertilization or any other of our treatments, professionals, promotions … let us know and we will attend you without problem. At Fertility Benidorm we are specialists in In Vitro Fertilization.

In addition, we offer the FIRST FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION.

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